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Colors of the Soul

  • Colors of the Soul

  • Tony Arco

  • 18 March 2019

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Press Release


Tony Arco- drums
Ra Kalam Bob Moses- drums
Alessandro Cerino- horns
Greg Burk- piano
Mauro Battisti- bass

“Colors of the Soul” is a recording I did with drummer Ra Kalam Bob Moses, pianist Greg Burk and my friends Alessandro Cerino on the horns and Mauro Battisti on bass.
Only 3 were written melodies (Lioness and Beams of Light by Moses, and Lullaby for the Loved Ones that I wrote for my daughter), all the rest are spontaneous compositions in a "rubato" "free" setting.
It's an oniric "dreamlike" kind of vibe, wich is a part of my musical vision that I'm not able to explore in more traditional gigs, but that i enjoy doing indeed..The titles describe the visual and emotional ideas that I tried to get across.

Track List


Colors of the Soul

Beams of Light

Flight of the Hummingbirds

Passion Vamp

Heritage (drum duo)


Life and Death of the Slender Man

Lullaby for the Loved One

Cool Walk in the Rain

Spiritual Dream (Drum Solo) 


Tony Arco - drums

Ra Kalam Bob Moses - drums

Alessandro Cerino - horns

Greg Burk - piano

Mauro Battisti - bass 

Recording Data

Recorded in Milan, Italy on November 20th 2017, at Orlando Music Studio
Sound Engineer: Stefano Spina
Mixed at Riverside Studio - Torino
Sound Engineer: Alessandro Taricco
Editing: Tony Arco - Andrea Cattaneo - Mauro Battisti
Mastering: Matteo Ravelli

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