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Clock's Pointer Dance

  • Clock's Pointer Dance

  • Clock's Pointer Dance

  • 28 June 2017

  • UR 08

  • 0705632214695

  • Digital, Jazzos, UR Records

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  • Created on : 12 May 2018

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Press Release

Clock’s Pointer Dance is a an Italian quintet based in region Lombardy. The group was formed in occasion of the first JazzForum in Annecy (October 2015) as a representative of ClusoneJazz Festival, one of the most important Jazz Festivals in Italy. Since then we have worked and played a lot and recorded our first record that has been published by the Italian label UR Records in May 2017.

The group is a baseless quintet with a typical Jazz frontline (Paolo Malacarne, trumpet; Andrea Catagnoli, alto sax; Andrea Baronchelli, trombone) and an unusual rhythmic section (Michele Bonifati, guitar; Filippo Sala, drums) distinguished by more rock resonance. Clock’s Pointer Dance is effectively a true collective, all the members are composers and we all worked together to arrange and fit the writing to the sound that we where looking for and to make the best possible out of each one of us. 

Our music is the result and synthesis of all our musical past experiences and influences. The repertoires moves from more traditional Jazz writing (formally and sonically) to more rock and open improvising forms. 

Jazz journalist Ernesto Scurati wrote about us “The quintet explores an energetic mix of the varied stylistic experiences of its members in the fields of Jazz, Rock and Funk. […] While the front line achieves particular effectiveness in producing interesting polyphonies and vibrant unisons, which nevertheless keep the different voices well recognizable, equally remarkable appear the work of connection and harmonic texture of the guitarist Bonifati (with digressions in the most visceral rock), and the rhythmic and tonal contribution of Sala, skillful in the use of the drums, even with bare hands.” 


The members of the group, still all under the age of 35, have already had artistic and professional experiences that made them collaborate with many important musicians in the Jazz panorama such us: Dave Liebman, Dave Douglas, Aruan Ortiz, Cyro Baptista, Mike Westbrook, Adam Rudolph, Keith Tippett, Chris Cutler, Karl Berger, Stefano Battaglia, Paolo Fresu, Giovanni Falzone, Paolo Botti, Tino Tracanna, Roberto Bonati. 

Track List

1 - Like a Lonely Stone (F.Sala)


2 - Pita Gyros (A.Catagnoli)


3 - Ti Voglio Bene Pupazzo di Neve (M.Bonifati)


4 - Da Consumarsi (A.Catagnoli)


5 - A Fish (A.Baronchelli)


6 - Calle 158y51 (F.Sala)


7 - Play (F.Sala)

8 - Water Ice Advice (M.Bonifati)                         


Paolo Malacarne - trumpet, flugelhorn


Andrea “Jimmy” Catagnoli - alto sax


Andrea Baronchelli - trombone, effects


Michele Bonifati - electric guitar, effects

Filippo Sala - drums, percussion, microkorg

Recording Data

Recorded and Mixed
on December 17, 18 - 2016 by Stefano Castagna
at Studio Ritmo&Blu, Pozzolengo - Brescia

Mastering by Daniele Tuccari and Stefano Castagna

at Studio Suoni cio - Milano

Calle 158 y 51 has been arranged by Massimilano Milesi

Artwork images appear

as courtesy of © JAZZ(s)RA and Opossum Productions

Photo by Luciano Rossetti Phocus agency

Graphic design by

Mauro Morgana - URrecords

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