Artist: EMANUELE PASSERINI - PACHO     Album: Our World     Label: Dodicilune     Code: ED382

Our World

  • Our World


  • 26 February 2018

  • ED382

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Press Release

Esce il 28 febbraio "Our World" il nuovo progetto discografico del duo composto dal sassofonista compositore Emanuele Passerini e dal percussionista Alessandro "Pacho" Rossi.

"I met Pacho for the first time in Febuary 2016, when we both played during a studio recording session for our common friend & master musician Tiziano Tononi. I was impressed by his colourful playing, his spontaneous and casual approach, his genuine sense of rhythm and lively presence. I felt we were tuned on similar wavelengths, so a few weeks later the idea of recording something with him came to my mind very naturally. For some time we only exchanged ideas and thoughts on the phone and then we directly met in the studio for a wonderful and very involving session. Nothing was written down before, we had only sensations, intentions, imagination. And we played with total freedom, following each other or going throughout small sketched ideas we had decided before. Colours and mutual communication were the basic elements of all the music we played. The result was a bunch of improvisations, some of them directly recorded as they are on the CD and some others with overdubs and added instruments. We realised that during those days and through our unique souls we "painted the world", we made a "musical fresco" representing the different sides and colours of Our World, the light and the darkness, the freedom and the many contrasts, the sounds and the silence. And at the same time, while talking to each other with our instruments and hearts, we praised our Masters, their endless and continuous presence and guide, from here on the Earth and from up above... Enjoy!"


Million and million very special thanks to Pacho, not just an excellent percussionist and drummer, but a real wizard and magician of the living sounds, a deep musician, a great painter, a good friend, an inspiration. Big thanks also to Pino Laudadio for his friendly and highly professional work in the studio, and to Maurizio Giannotti
for his final touch on the sound (a man, an absolute guarantee).
"Sayang" is dedicated to Anita. "Praises To The Masters" is dedicated to Nana Vasconcelos, Rashied Ali and John Coltrane.

Track List

The Light Side:
  1) Dawn Over A New Good World
  2) We Go East!
  3) Sayang
  4) The Flute Man
  5) Kill The Funk
  6) Dance To The Stars
The Dark Side:
  7) The Universe Is Our Home
  8) Free Spirits
  9) Stream Of Consciousness
10) Praises To The Masters

All compositions by Emanuele Passerini


Emanuele Passerini, soprano, tenor, alto, sopranino saxophones, balinese bamboo flute, mbira (3)
Alessandro "Pacho" Rossi, percussion, drums, gongs, bells, whistles, objects, water, noise, vocals

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