Artist: Garrison Fewell _ Gianni Mimmo     Album: Flawless Dust     Label: Long Song     Code: LSRCD138/2016

Flawless Dust

  • Flawless Dust

  • Garrison Fewell _ Gianni Mimmo

  • 16 February 2016

  • LSRCD138/2016

  • 8032089000345

  • Long Song

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  • Created on : 21 February 2016

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  • From: Long Song

Press Release


Un dialogo illuminato, non solo musicale, tra Gianni Mimmo e Garrison Fewell, due menti rivolte verso un Altrove che schiude a intensi fenomeni.

Palpiti molecolari, polveri cosmiche, silenziosi bagliori, scintille umili e potentissime.

Rispetto e introspezione animano la danza delle mani intorno a strumenti capaci di nuove e luminose intersezioni.

“Flawless Dust” è un flusso d’idee, di domande e risposte, spesso sorprendenti anche per questi musicisti dal pluridecennale percorso di ricerca ed espansione.

Gentilezza e stratificazione: spiriti cortesi, aperti a un’irradiante luce.


An enlightened dialogue, not barely a musical one, between Gianni Mimmo and Garrison Fewell, two Elsewhere oriented minds driving us to intense phenomena.

Molecular heart beats, cosmic dust, silent flashes, humble and powerful sparks.

Respect and introspection liven up a dance of hands around instruments, bursting new and luminous intersections.

“Flawless Dust” is a flow of ideas, questions and answers often surprising even for these musicians with a work of tireless research that spans over decades.

Kindness and layerings: gentle spirits opened to a soul warming light

l warming light

Track List

1.Flawless Dust



4.News from Beyond


6.Other Song

7.A Floating Caravan

8.Other Chat

9.Grainy Fabric


Garrison Fewell _ guitar, perc.

Gianni Mimmo _ soprano saxophone

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