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Porta Palace Collective

  • Porta Palace Collective

  • Porta Palace Collective

  • 10 November 2014

  • RRJ1024

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  • Digital, Jazzos, Rudi

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  • Created on : 13 December 2014

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  • From: Rudi

Press Release

A young quintet, headed by Johnny Lapio, born within the context of a music school established in Turin (Arcote Jazz Torino), which chose jazz as an educational tool for the socially complex reality of the district of Porta Palazzo. Directed by Giancarlo Schiaffini, one of the true masters of Italian contemporary jazz, the team presents an openly multiform repertoire, a mobile sound construction where languages intersect, leaving ample room to individual voices. Despite the wide range of materials employed – open blues and sinuous ballads, free jazz passages, reggae diversions, echoes of Art Ensemble and sound notes of European origin - the group proves to be very close in producing its extremely lively music. Johnny Lapio, trumpet, Giancarlo Schiaffini, trombone, Giuseppe Ricupero, tenor sax, Lino Mei, piano, Gianmaria Ferrario, counterbass, Ruben Bellavia, drums.

Track List

1. Old Fashioned (G.Schiaffini) 9.55  
2. Scatole in movimento (G.Schiaffini) 8.29  
3. 7 Mosquitos (G.Schiaffini) 10.31  
4. Sòla sotto le stelle (G.Schiaffini) 8.19  
5. Bird's Love (G.Schiaffini) 9.43  
6. 4 Situazioni incresciose (G.Schiaffini) 7.39  


Porta Palace Collective
Johnny Lapio, trumpet
Giancarlo Schiaffini, trombone
Giuseppe Ricupero, tenor sax
Lino Mei, piano
Gianmaria Ferrario, double bass
Ruben Bellavia, drums

Recording Data

Recorded and Mixed April 2014
by Alessandro Taricco & Gianmaria Ferrario, Arcote Jazz, Turin

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