Artist: Massimo Cavalli     Album: MASSIMO CAVALLI - Varandas do Chiado     Label: Note Sonanti     Code: NS-CD 1006

MASSIMO CAVALLI - Varandas do Chiado

  • MASSIMO CAVALLI - Varandas do Chiado

  • Massimo Cavalli

  • 17 December 2012

  • NS-CD 1006

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  • Note Sonanti

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  • Created on : 19 December 2012

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  • From: Note Sonanti

Press Release

"Massimo and I are bound by a personal and musical friendship made of some memorable experiences.  Basically we have come to understand how we have evolved both individually and collectively.  Therefore I am happy to know that he has gone a step further in creating his own album. This means making choices in writing and selecting a repertoire that will forever witness a moment, a situation, a unique experience put on disc:  that is what “recording” is about.

So here is Massimo´s personal story, from the “Intro” to “Marce Blues”.  A story that speaks of lyrical Italian imbued emotions in “Sogno nº 37” (Dream nº 37) to a strong cinematic feel in “Il Lungo Viaggio” (The Long Trip) to the somewhat odd bolero of the album title piece “Varandas do Chiado” (Chiado Balconies).  The melodic and harmonic lines are often windy and unpredictable, the way a bass player likes them to be, taking you to unexpected and surprising places.

“La Danza del Biondino” is a sort of “klezmeric” tarantella meant to alert you to what’s to come in the freer and expressive “Free Four Three”.  Here Massimo is the “condottiere” in the lead going appropriately wild.  This energy is further emphasized in his personal story of “Sabrina”, an extended piece that reveals sound and “drive”.  Continuing in “molto crescendo” Bearzatti´s vigorous tenor solo becomes contagious and is skillfully answered by Joel Silva’s drums.

Half way thru “Chuva Tropical” (Tropical Rain) I especially like Joel’s steady subdivided beat evocative of crisp raindrops.

While preparing the ground for Bearzatti´s explosive solo “Marce Blues” reveals João Paulo’s piano subtle memories of the seventies when he fed on Hancock’s groove and style.

Massimo’s personal musical story is made of lyricism, energy in crescendo and the ability to share with these wonderful musicians a unique experience in time.  Not just a bass “player” Massimo is a complete musician.  We can only expect the best from him!

Laurent Filipe

Serpa, October 201"



Track List

1. Intro  

2. Il Lungo Viaggio  

3. Blues For Davide  

4. Varandas do Chiado  

5. La Danza del Biondino

6. Sogno n. 37

7. Free Four Three

8. Sabrina

9. Chuva Tropical

10. Marce Blues (Bonus Track)


Massimo Cavalli - bass, composition

Francesco Bearzatti - tenor sx, clarinet

João Paulo Esteves da Silva - piano, accordion

Joel Silva - drums


Recording Data

All compositions by Massimo Cavalli

Produced by Massimo Cavalli and Pasquale Mega for Note Sonanti

Recorded at Musíberia Studios in Serpa, Portugal on the 12th and 13th September 2011

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Luís Delgado