Artist: Alan Silva & Burton Greene     Album: Parallel Worlds     Label: Long Song     Code: LSRCD123

Parallel Worlds

  • Parallel Worlds

  • Alan Silva & Burton Greene

  • 19 February 2012

  • LSRCD123

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  • Digital, Long Song

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  • From: Long Song

Press Release

Amazing and strong vintage synth and keys duo improvisations by free jazz pioneers Alan Silva and Burton Greene, still exploring and pushing boundaries after half a century of no compromise careers.

Burton Green says:

“It’s not about the latest (electronic) instruments or gadjets.. it’s about the creativity of the composer/improvisor. Alan Silva and I have so-called “dated” instruments or “retro electronics”, but you can just judge for yourself if what we do with them is dated on not..!.. i.e.  I’ve heard creative drummers working just with pots and pans or beating on tables or the backs of chairs with drum sticks and I’ve been amazed at what they can produce.  A colleague pianistJasper Van t’Hof worked extensively with an old PPG analog keyboard back in the 70´s and 80´s  The company stoppedproducing them for a long time, but popular demand by young musicians inspired by musicians like Jasper brought back the PPG sound in digital module form much later on.  My Roland gear is very simple.. I use an old D50 synth with a U110 module.. I’ve made something like 400 programs for it including all kinds of complex polyphony detuned orchestras, combi instruments that don’t exist other than on my keyboard or module.  Alan uses mostly just presets on his instrument but what he gets out of them, I’ve never heard anoyone else do.

Track List

North American Indian Reflections
Fate Of The Aztecs And Incas
The Indian In All Of Us
Great Scott
The Unknown Passage
String Beings


Alan Silva: keyboards

Burton Greene: keyboards

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