Artist: The Foot Job Band     Album: Porno Jazz     Label: Long Song     Code: LSRCD114

Porno Jazz

  • Porno Jazz

  • The Foot Job Band

  • 22 April 2010

  • LSRCD114

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  • Long Song

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Press Release

The subject of today’s lesson is…….. Porno Jazz!!!!!!!!!

These are the first words spoken from our esteemed professor Whiskey San Martino announcing the topic of the day’s lecture, and what a subject it it! Its roots lie in the world’s oldest profession as well as the day to day thoughts and fantasies of most of us. O.K. let’s get just say it and get it out of the way. We all know what the course work is and believe me, everyone of us all wants to pass with flying colors. SEX baby and I want a PHD!

The Foot Job Band is a tough one to pin down, hard to label, and not easily put in box. You can’t tie up with a pretty red bow to be given as a present, even though producer/director Esmerelda Ronchi would love to receive such a risque gift! The ensemble, a true sextet in all senses of the word, take the listener through 14 tracks of lusty improvisation, deep composition and sensual spoken word.

Some of the highlights: The drama kicks off on the the fiery 70’s tinged “Arpeggi” with Tigro Moro and Ruby Gramsi laying it all down like wild beasts in heat allowing Whiskey San Martino to soar over the top instantly showing the listener that these guys aren’t looking for a one night stand. They are in it for keeps and you better hold on. On the seminal spoken word piece “Mr. Foot Job- Sweet Water Part 1”, the group uses their command of the floor to confess a lifelong obsession or should we say fetish, about a very underrated or even overlooked part of the human body. The tender voice of Mr. Foot Job, who acts as a sort of telepathic interpreter for the desires of Tigro Moro, goes into great detail of their shared lifelong passion and quest for the perfect foot. With “Soft Transitions” Aramis Bitonto takes on the role of the exotic Eastern concubine, adding faraway drones and colors into a soup of sound that make the other players come to a frenzied dervish like boil at the climax. Th Ménage à Trois” of Moro, Foot Job and Turtle Milazzo on ‘Skins Touched” hits us with the force of a runaway locomotive. Milazzo digs deep, spreads his wings and soars like a banshee on fire! On the latin tinged “ La Puta Del Barrio” our guys show us that they are not all rough and tumble and are very capable of a little romance when they want to.

So, we come to our final exam question to end our course work…. What on earth could posses this cast of known musicians and composers to take on such a project of this scope, complexity and (excuse the innuendo), size? Why should they want to put so much effort into producing and releasing a record anonymously? Sure, it would be easy to pawn it off on the subject matter, and stay hidden out of the sights of the inevitable criticism. The nature of these renegades has always been to push the boundaries, break the rules, and reinvent themselves like lovers at Carnival. The face is hidden, but the voice, music and passion are instantly recognized. Now, let’s be perfectly clear here, this is a real band baby, no one night stand! So, you better hide the women and children, separate the men from the boys, and turn this puppy up to 11 because there is nothing else like it. You haven’t had it in a while and you know you want it!

Here comes Porno Jazz!!!!!!!!!

Track List

Evidence Is Empirical
Comin' Soon
Mr. Foot Job - Sweet Water Pt.1
Fuck a 37 1/2 - Sweet Water Pt.2
Heard But Not Seen - Sweet Water Pt.3
Soft Transition
Skins Touched
La Puta del Barrio
At the End of the Night


Tigro Moro (batteria, percussioni); Ruby Gramsci (basso elettrico); Whiskey San Martino (violino); Aramis Bitonto (Mahai Metak, taisho koto, oscillatori); Turtle Milazzo (sassofono soprano); Mr.Foot Job (chitarra) 

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