Artist: Carlo Alberto Canevali     Album: Godzilla In Wonderland     Label: nBn     Code: nBn/001

Godzilla In Wonderland

  • Godzilla In Wonderland

  • Carlo Alberto Canevali

  • 15 June 2009

  • nBn/001

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Press Release

Godzilla In Wonderland

Carlo Alberto Canevali - Lorenzo Frizzera

“Godzilla in Wonderland” comes from the cooperation between the drummer Carlo Alberto Canevali and the guitarist Lorenzo Frizzera. It’s a project of pure research in improvised music, directed towards an authentic stylistic freedom and a ludic-creative behavior, swinging between the tradition of  pure masters as Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley, Han Bennink and an attualization of concrete music. The music flows throght out the interaction between laptops and acoustic instruments, the recordings and manipulation of acoustic sound in real time.

Drummer Carlo Alberto Canevali,  gravitates around the european sound and estetichs – to be notated particularly his collaboration with Kenny Wheeler, David Samuels, Stefano Battaglia, Franco D’Andrea, Furio Di Castri ed Henry Treadgill – but he also likes to experiment with live electronic  playing unconventional drumsets and with objects not commonly  considered as “percussion instruments”.

Guitarist Lorenzo Frizzera  developed his personal style throught many important experiencies in different music genres, ethnic music, electronic music, funk, pop for big italian productions and playing jazz beside giants of jazz such as  Jimmy Cobb, . During his music career he played in numerous european jazz festivals and recorded more than thirty CDs.

The CD Godzilla in Wonderland, issued in june 2009,  comes from a week of recording sessions, during which the two musicians, literally closed inside the nBn Studios, unchained their creativity without any specific intention. The Cd includes ten tunes, ten bizarre sound glomerates introducing a little of jazz, ethnic music, folk, rock, noise, ten places in wonderland into the fantasy of all who are following  the fantomatic white rabbit!

“Follow the White Rabbit!  little events, apparently triflings and unexpected, will bring you to the perception of a new reality! As Alice followed a rabbit  wearing a waistcoat and carrying a watch, lamenting running late , so anybody who is attracted by strangeness could find him/herself in wonderland, also the most awful of the godzillosaurian!

It’s late…It’s late! The trip is just begun…”



Il sodalizio tra il batterista Carlo Alberto Canevali ed il chitarrista Lorenzo Frizzera ha dato vita a Godzilla in Wonderland, un progetto di ricerca musicale nell’ambito dell’improvvisazione pura, all’insegna di una vera libertà stilistica e di un atteggiamento ludico-creativo che oscilla tra la tradizione di maestri come Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley e Han Bennink e un’attualizzazione della musica concreta, realizzata tramite i  laptops con cui entrambi i musicisti registrano e manipolano in tempo reale le proprie esecuzioni. 

Il batterista Carlo Alberto Canevali, gravita attorno al sound e all’estetica del jazz europeo – vanno segnalate in particolare le sue collaborazioni con Kenny Wheeler, David Samuels, Stefano Battaglia, Franco D’Andrea, Furio Di Castri ed Henry Threadgill – ma si addentra pure nei territori della live electronic con un drumset inconsueto in cui compaiono anche oggetti non convenzionalmente definibili come “strumenti musicali a percussione”. 

Lorenzo Frizzera è un chitarrista italiano che ha sviluppato il proprio stile personale attraverso molte importanti esperienze nei vari generi musicali: dal suonare al fianco di giganti del jazz come Jimmy Cobb, ad una lunga esperienza nella musica etnica, dalla musica elettronica al funk, alle grandi produzioni pop. Nel corso della sua carriera si è esibito nei festival jazz di molti paesi europei ed ha partecipato alla realizzazione di una trentina di cd.




Track List

01. People Watching
02. At The Volcano Supermarket
03. Limbo Hotel
04. Godzilla Synapsis
05. Mouth Bubbles
06. Passion Fruit
07. Desert
08. The Wait
09. Azapulos
10. Farewell


Carlo Alberto Canevali » drums, objects, laptop

Lorenzo Frizzera » guitars, objects, laptop 

Recording Data

All compositions by Carlo Alberto Canevali and Lorenzo Frizzera 

Produced, recorded and mixed in April 2009 by Carlo Alberto Canevali and Lorenzo Frizzera at nBn Studio, Rovereto. It was always sunny and pretty warm!

Cover design by Sara Giordani