Artist: Gianni Mimmo, Hannah Marshall, Nicola Guazzaloca     Album: Again     Label: Amirani     Code: amrn029


  • Again

  • Gianni Mimmo, Hannah Marshall, Nicola Guazzaloca

  • 01 January 2012

  • amrn029

  • Amirani

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  • Created on : 20 March 2012

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  • From: Amirani

Press Release

Live at Air-Odeon studio in Bruxelles during the 2010 Belgian tour, recorded and mastered by the magic Michel Huon, here is the second excellent release of this awesome trio featuring an inventive, fresher, refined istant compositions.
Brilliant interplay, intriguing inner voices and tone nuance declinations are the sincere output of the trio that shows here a terrific attention to the detail, engaging concentration and a overall formal sense as well.
Talented skills, dramatic balance, soulful performance are the precious gift of The Shoreditch Trio taken here is a superbe live concert.

Great liner note by JOHN RUSSELL!!

Track List

1_Heraclitus suite (I-II-III-IV)
2_The Remaining Tale
3_Una Lira Per Uno
4_Daily Transience
5_Suggested Reasons
6_The Vanishing Circle

Recording Data

GIANNI MIMMO _ soprano saxophone
music _ Gianni Mimmo, Hannah Marshall, Nicola Guazzaloca
recording _ 2010, October the 3rd, Air-Odeon Studio, Bruxelles
engineering, mixing, mastering _ Michel W. Huon
liner note _ John Russell
photo _ Pat Lugo
concept _ Gianni Mimmo
graphics _ Nicola Guazzaloca
production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records and Teriyaki Records
Thanks to Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg for concert organization and to Marco Loprieno and Pat Lugo for their lovely logistic support and warm friendship

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