Artist: Gianni Lenoci, Rocco Parisi     Album: Sylvano Bussotti - Brutto, Ignudo     Label: Amirani     Code: amrn027

Sylvano Bussotti - Brutto, Ignudo

  • Sylvano Bussotti - Brutto, Ignudo

  • Gianni Lenoci, Rocco Parisi

  • 01 December 2011

  • amrn027

  • Amirani

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  • Created on : 16 March 2012

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  • From: Amirani

Press Release

Amirani Contemporary wants to investigate aleatoric, unconventional and indeterminate composition procedures, their heroes and their adventures.
Taking the risky route of sailing through dynamic contrasts, tackling episodes of turbulence and tranquillity, Amirani Contemporary wants to surf silences and sparkling chromatic note cascades.
Amirani Contemporary nurtures a bold outlook on passages of great delicacy and braves hazardous balances on musics that keep alive our attention and fresh our feeling.

Track List

1. Bussotti :“Divertirmi”
2. BRUTTO, IGNUDO un tratto per clarinetto basso, (1980)
3. Bussotti on “Brutto Ignudo, Reiner Maria Rilke…”
4. NOVELLETTA per pianoforte. (1973)
5. Bussotti on “Novelletta”
6. VARIAZIONE BERIO di clarinetti (2001-02)
7. Bussotti on “Variazione Berio, Luciano Berio and Kathy Berberian”
8. SOLO  da “La Passion Selon Sade” (1965)
9. Bussotti on “Solo, Boulez and Stockhausen”

Recording Data

Gianni Lenoci _ piano
Rocco Parisi _ piccolo clarinet, clarinet,
bass clarinet

music recording _ January 2011, Wave Ahead Studio, Monopoli (Italy)
sound engineer_ Mimmo Galizia
Sylvano Bussotti interviewed by Gianni Mimmo, Milano,  2011, April the 14th
mixing _ Gianni Lenoci
mastering _ Maurizio Giannotti,  New Mastering Studio, Milano, Italy
booklet photos _ Gianni Mimmo
graphics _ Nicola Guazzaloca
production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records  and Teriyaki records

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