Artist: Daniele Cavallanti & The Milano Contemporary Art Ensemble     Album: Sounds Of Hope     Label: Rudi     Code: RRJ1026

Sounds Of Hope

  • Sounds Of Hope

  • Daniele Cavallanti & The Milano Contemporary Art Ensemble

  • 20 January 2015

  • RRJ1026

  • Rudi

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Press Release

After the outstanding Faces and Tales, Daniele Cavallanti is back on Rudi Records with a new, celebrative album. In his over forty years career, the Milano based saxophone player has often been working with large ensembles (Nexus Orchestra, Jazz Chromatic Ensemlbe, Instabile...). The Milano Contemporary Art Ensemble is based on this experience; a large ensemble which is a real “manifesto” of the present creative scene of Milano. Cavallanti presents a dense repertoire both of original music with dedications to Joe Henderson, Sam Rivers, Anthony Braxton and Roscoe Mitchell, as well as Wayne Shorter and Mongezi Feza’s arrangements like the irresistible “Sonia” and epic “You Ain’t Gonna Know Me ‘Cos You Think You Know Me”. The Ensemble is formed by 14 musicians ranging from some “veterans” of the milanese jazz scene like Riccardo Luppi, Angiolo Tarocchi, Massimo Falascone, Alberto Tacchini, Luca Calabrese, Beppe Caruso, Paolo Botti and the inseparable Tiziano Tononi. The music flows both lyrical and impetuous between different and strict collective organizations and wide sections for the various soloists.

Track List

1 The Joe Rivers Blues (D. Cavallanti) 11:22  
2 You Ain’t Gonna Know Me ‘Cos You Think You Know Me (Mongezi Feza) 7:14  
3 The Boss (B. Caruso) 6:42  
4 Braxtown (D. Cavallanti) 12:28  
5 Chief Crazy Horse (Wayne Shorter) (arranger: Angiolo Tarocchi) 8:43  
6 Sonia (Mongezi Feza) 10:23  
7 You Ain’t Gonna Know Me ‘Cos You Think You Know Me, reprise (Mongezi Feza) 1:54  


Daniele Cavallanti, tenor sax
Riccardo Luppi, alto & soprano sax, flute
Gianluca Elia, tenor sax (bass sax on Braxtown)
Massimo Falascone baritone & sopranino sax, (contrabass sax on Braxtown)
Francesco Chiapperini bass clarinet, alto sax, flute
Luca Calabrese, trumpet
Beppe Caruso, trombone
Paolo Botti viola, cornet
Gianluca Alberti, bass (right channel)
Valerio Della Fonte, bass (left channel)
Toni Boselli, drums (right channel)
Tiziano Tononi, drums, percussion, gongs (left channel)

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