Artist: Honest John     Album: Canarie     Label: Rudi     Code: RRJ1019


  • Canarie

  • Honest John

  • 18 March 2014

  • RRJ1019

  • 8058456240220

  • Digital, Rudi

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  • Created on : 19 March 2014

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  • From: Rudi

Press Release

This young Scandinavian quintet impresses for the actual ability to get through and integrate different styles and music languages. Declared or not, among their influences, we'll notice some apparently divergent associations, spanning from Dutch Free Jazz, through some unidentified folk echoes, to the serious music of composers like Webern and Sciarrino, The uninhibited and energetic sound of Honest John develops with great agility through the combination of different strategies such as open forms and complex structures. The group's original musical path appears as perfectly coherent within the Northern European Creative Music tradition.

Track List

3.Ab Vibb5.31 
5.Happy Guigue5.19 
6.Tresko Og Ost6.41 
9.Rackette/Hollandsk Calypso7.53


Honest John

Ole-Henrik Moe, violin
Kim Johannesen, guitar, banjo
Ola Høyer, bass
Erik Nylander, drums
Klaus Ellerhusen Holm, alto sax, clarinet

Recording Data

Recorded June 24/25th 2013, Kolbotn Curch, Norway

by Thomas Hukkelberg 

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