Artist: Enrico Sartori Tobias Delius Tristan Honsinger     Album: Baboon     Label: Rudi     Code: RRJ1012


  • Baboon

  • Enrico Sartori Tobias Delius Tristan Honsinger

  • 17 January 2013

  • RRJ1012

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  • Digital, Rudi

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  • Created on : 17 January 2013

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  • From: Rudi

Press Release

Baboon takes Sartori, Delius and Honsiger in Germany, Munich at MUG im Einstein January 29, 2012. The tracks on the CD will return the natural development of the evening, the music finds its way, track by track, between moments of dialogue, space for the proverbial theatricality of Honsinger, lyricism and feeling. A total of 46 minutes of live music, free improvisation, but not improvised. The three know each other well and without written parts, they know how to build specific musical textures, performed in their instant composition.

As Sebi Tramontana says in the liner notes: "These three men chase the music, they brush it, they own it, they lose it and chase it again to finally get back into the game of conquering it. A child music. They know where to find it. Searching. ?They will find it. Listen to them. Playing a solo, a duo or a trio. Sit and listen to the first 40 seconds of "Four short stories", then stand up and start dancing. That`s it. Dance!"

Track List

1. Father                               2.48  
2. Mother 5.22  
3. Brother 4.24  
4. Sister
5. Four Short Stories 4.29  
6. Trialogues
7. Nientese 3.09  
8. Fastidi 1 2.50  
9. Fastidi 2 4.24  
10. Ten, Eleven, Twelve 4.08  
11. Paesaggio Lunare 5.25  


Enrico Sartori: alto sax, bb & alto clarinets
Tobias Delius: tenor sax, bb clarinet
Tristan Honsinger: cello

Recording Data

Recorded live January 29, 2012

MUG im Einstein, Munich (Germany)