Artist: Gianni Mimmo _ Daniel Levin     Album: Turbolent Flow     Label: Amirani     Code: amrn_32

Turbolent Flow

  • Turbolent Flow

  • Gianni Mimmo _ Daniel Levin

  • 01 August 2012

  • amrn_32

  • Amirani

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  • Created on : 10 August 2012

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  • From: Amirani

Press Release

The idea of a collaboration between Daniel Levin and Gianni Mimmo came from AAJ reviewer Vittorio Lo Conte, who simply sent Gianni’s music to Daniel and Daniel’s music to Gianni and warmly suggested: “You guys, have to play together”.  A succesful input, indeed.
After this recording session the duo has performed some succesful concerts in Italy  and in a couple of festivals in New York and the collaboriation is setted to continue because of the sincerity of this music and the great relationship.

Turbulent Flow is an amazing higly reccomended cd, featuring these two guys talented skills,  top emotional involment and a stunning result in terms of complexity and elegance.

The concept of turbulence is really close to this music: elements, added or subtracted or transformed, are flowing in constant re-combining possibility and delivering new perspectives and developments.
There are different threads one can follow, but there's also the nice thrill to go through them, to be “in” the Turbulent Flow.
One would describe turbulence as an elegant disorder, a place where is possible to deal with unstable particles determining new heroical  forms and, simultaneously, to take care of the whole generating process.

As unpredictable an interplay two young kittens can have with a newly discovered toy -- or simply between themselves -- listening to these two highly energetically charged “cats” constantly teasing each other musically is a marvel”.
Excerpt from the brilliant liners by “Renessaince Man” Mr. Gilles Laheurte

Track List

01 Turbulent Flow
02 Mini-festo
03 Sculpted
04 Orbit Unknown
05 Translucent
06 Direct Speech
07 Statement
08 Inner Lied
09 Solenne


Gianni Mimmo _ soprano saxophone
Daniel Levin _ cello

Recording Data

music _ instant compositions by Daniel Levin and Gianni Mimmo
recording _ 2011, October the 16th, Church of S. Maria Gualtieri, Pavia, Italy
sound engineer _ Lorenzo Sempio
mastering _ Maurizio Giannotti at NewMastering studio, Milano, Italy
cover photo _ Kyle May
inside photos _ Elda Papa
liner note _ Gilles Laheurte
graphics _ Mirko Spino
production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records

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