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  • Bespoken

  • ldr, gm

  • 01 November 2006

  • amrn003

  • Amirani

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Press Release

Finally on cd this magical collaboration started on winter 2002 and still alive and well!
Elegant sound concept and elettro-acoustical statement, BESPOKEN is a project performed by
Lorenzo Dal Ri (sound treatments, live electronics & field recording) and
Gianni Mimmo (soprano & bass saxes, piano & prepared piano).
Old and new hits, beautifully mixed by Lorenzo Dal Ri, through inner multi-perspective sound tales.
A new, fresh, unheard way to investigate the relationship between acoustical attitude and pure sound coming from daily soundscapes and life calls.
Bespoken shares the opportunity to listen sincerely
Old hits like Traffico and new cuts like “The pixie interlude”, and the round-about “Kids”
will be your deep feeling soundtracks.
Nice cover with stunning photos by LDR!

Essential Refined True
Don’t miss this one!!

Track List

2_Residuals #1
3_The Pixie Interlude
5_The Tonespring Interlude
7_The Rainshadow Interlude
8_Other Work
9_Residuals #2
10_Interlude #12
11_The Longing Museum Interlude


ldr _ live electronics & sound treatments
gm _ soprano sax, bass sax, piano & prepared piano

Recording Data

sound concept & compositions _ gm & ldr
rec. 03/02 _ mu.rec studio, milano, italy
sound engineer _ paolo falascone
rec. 09/06 _ green movie sound dept., milano, italy
sound engineer _ ldr
accurate remix, field recordings, cover photos _ ldr
graphics _ mirko spino
production _ amirani records

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