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  • Realgar

  • reFLEXible

  • 01 October 2008

  • amrn013

  • Amirani

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  • Created on : 22 March 2012

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Press Release

The Antwerp & Brussels-based Collectief reFLEXible -Joachim Devillé
(trumpet, flugelhorn), Thomas Olbrechts (alto saxophone), Stefan Prins
(piano, objects and live-electronics) - focuses on free improvised music
(or instant composed music) often combined with other media as dance,
performance, video and film. The different backgrounds of the members
gives the collectief its unique sound and character.

Recorded at Q-02 workspace in Brussels, Realgar is an improvised stunning performance.
Music is thrilling, exciting, more descriptive than abstract, very close to a inner matter, phisycal and molecular, fluid and dense at the same time.

Elements elaboration, rarefactions and densities, then sublimation.
A sort of alchemical process, finely evolving to an intimate soundscape.

Track List

1 _ Vacuum
2 _ Exposed
3 _ Orpiment
4 _ Realgar



Joachim Devillé _ trumpet & fluegelhorn
Thomas  Olbrechts _ alto saxophone
Stefan Prins  _ live electronics

Recording Data

Music _ ReFLEXible
Recording _ Q-O2 workspace, Brussels, Belgium, september 2007
sound engineer _ Ludo Engels
mastering _ Stefan Prins
executive producer _ John Rottiers
photos _ Thomas  Olbrechts, 2001
graphics _ Mirko Spino
production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records

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