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  • Blastula

  • Scarnoduo

  • 01 January 2010

  • amrn021

  • Amirani

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  • Created on : 20 March 2012

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Press Release

Blastula is the name of the animal embryo in one of its internal subdivision phases. Not a two-cells organism any more, not a completed organism yet.
Blastula is also the name of the duo founded in 2006 by Cristiano Calcagnile (drummer, percussionist and composer) and Monica Demuru (vocalist , performer and playright) that pursues a multilingual sonic path, with particolar attention to the relationship between writing and improvisation, drama and pure sound.
“SCARNODUO” is a beautiful, pure, neo-narrative, dramatic work-performance by Monica Demuru_voice and Cristiano Calcagnile on percussions.
A compelling, dialogic force, crossing intimate and universal dephts, with a huge re-combinatory possibilty.
Words are sounds coming from ancestral tales and future lines.
Sounds are words going to inner places, touching outer limits.
Really great!

Accurate graphics and all texts booklet
offer the opportunity of an ever new interpretation of “Scarnoduo”,
like a great story that really deserves to be told again and again.

Track List

1 - Trinta 30
2 - Volere è potere 1  
3 - Interludio lombardo parte I
4 - Nanneddu meu
5 - “La porta, Marnie!”
6 - Mangia la tua paura
7 - Interludio Lombardo  parte II
8 - Dinghiriana
9 - Spazio profondo:  
        - sotto la calotta
        - meduse’s musical
10 - Tincanta jouer
11 - Fue Fue
12 - Volere è potere 2
13 - … e nel profondo la regola
14 - Interludio “volontà e rappresentazione”
15 - Sa calarina e mosche sugli occhi
16 -

Recording Data

music_Cristiano Calcagnile & Monica Demuru
recording_Nibiru Station, Novate Milanese, Italy, October 08
sound engineer_Libero Mureddu
mixing and mastering_Libero Mureddu, EveryNowAndThen, Milano, Italy, Jan-Sept 2009
art work_Barbara Frappi
translation_Marco Albert
production_ Blastula and Gianni Mimmo for Amirani records

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